We are very much committed to seeing, hearing and valuing students without judgement, and strive to make our motto ‘in love and harmony we grow’ a daily reality.”

St Martin de Porres School is a registered Curriculum and Re-Engagement school for secondary students who find mainstream education difficult. It is located in Broome and provides an inclusive, supportive environment characterised by relationships of mutual trust and respect.

The school is small with a high ratio of staff to students to enable specialised and tailored learning programs. These programs are developed to meet the individual needs of students focusing on practical, purposeful and engaging activities, which promote personal growth and academic skills. We use relational, innovative and strength-based approaches, to re-engage and support students in their life-long journey.

St Martin de Porres School will aim to help students who have disengaged from mainstream education, for a range of reasons, to thrive and to keep learning.It’s about feeling safe in the school, socially and emotionally, and our teaching and learning methodology will be a little different too.  St Martin de Porres School will be very much focused on a growth mindset, taking strength-based approaches to build on what students can do, rather than looking at ‘gaps’.

St Martin de Porres School will open in Broome in July, offering a new approach to education for the city and region, and focusing on supporting students to reengage with learning.

This Curriculum and Reengagement with Education school, will cater for about 7 students in Term 3 of 2020, operating with a high teacher-to-student ratio, and completely individualised learning for each student.  The school will grow over time to eventually welcome up to 60 students from Years 7-12.

St Martin de Porres School will establish a very relational approach to student learning and development, with a commitment to seeing, hearing and valuing students without judgement

The School will also access wrap-around services including psychologists and other health professionals, integrating case management with external support services in some cases.  Students from all educational backgrounds, not just Catholic schools, will be welcomed and the school is already working with the local public schools and regional service providers to offer places to students who will benefit from the unique teaching and learning approach and school culture.

The new school’s namesake, St Martin de Porres, was a healer of mixed ethnicity heritage from Peru, credited with establishing a children’s hospital, and chosen as a model of compassion, perseverance and unconditional love.

Catholic Education Western Australia operates three Curriculum and Reengagement with Education schools in the Archdiocese of Perth, and one, over two campuses in the Diocese of Geraldton, with excellent student outcomes.  The learnings from these schools will be implemented in the Broome school and the staff mandate is to make the school’s motto ‘in love and harmony we grow’ a daily reality.

Panda Gardner_St Martin de Porres_Broome_Headshot

Panda Gardner is the School’s foundation Principal and brings with her a wealth of education experience in the Kimberley.