Frequently Asked Questions 


Are you a Primary School? 

No, we are a registered secondary school from years 7 – 12. 


Are you a behaviour centre or a special needs school? 

No, we are a CaRE school for young people who find secondary school is not suited to their needs. 


What does CaRE stand for? 

Curriculum and Re-Engagement in Education. 


What does the school provide? 

We use relational, innovative, and strength-based approaches, to re-engage and support young people socially, emotionally and developmentally. We assist young people to find direction and purpose in their lives by encouraging them to see their inherit dignity and a hope-filled future.


How are you different? 

We are a small school that focuses on the wellbeing of young people before academic pursuits. Our values and beliefs are founded on the tenets of Catholic faith, respect for human dignity and the common good which underpin our pastoral care and support.  At the heart of what we do is connection; authentic, positive connections which enables us to develop practical, purposeful and engaging programs based on the interests and needs of individual young people.  


Do you have to be Catholic to attend the school? 

No, we are here for all young people. 


How are students referred to the school? Who can refer students to the school? 

Young people may be referred by their current school, an agency or a parent may fill in an Expression of Interest form to start the process. 


What is the enrolment process? 

  1. Fill in an Expression of Interest Form
  2. Discuss the suitability of the school with the principal 
  3. School tour 
  4. Interview with parent and young person
  5. 3-week trial period begins
  6. Final meeting to confirm enrolment process is complete