At St Martin de Porres School, we believe that by nurturing positive wellbeing, we are empowering young people and our team to lead fulfilling lives both within and beyond the classroom. Our pastoral care strategies and practices are aligned with the PERMAH framework, to ensure that every young person's holistic needs are met. Together, we create a community where everyone has the opportunity to flourish.


At St Martin de Porres School, we take a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that encompasses every aspect of a young person's educational journey. Our dedicated pastoral care team provides essential support, ensuring that each young person feels valued, heard, and understood. We prioritize social and emotional learning, equipping young people with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges with resilience and empathy.

We're proud to implement evidence-based frameworks like PERMAH and RULER, which focus on positive psychology and emotional intelligence, respectively. These frameworks guide our teaching and support strategies, nurturing the mental and emotional wellbeing of young people.

Moreover, our commitment to an inclusive, positive learning environment is unwavering. We believe that quality relationships are at the heart of a flourishing educational experience. Our whole-school approach ensures that wellbeing is not just a program, but a fundamental part of who we are and how we educate.

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