St Martin de Porres School Values

At St Martin de Porres School, we are guided by four pillars: Faith, Learning, Kinship, and Justice, which form the bedrock of our educational philosophy. These pillars are inspired by the exemplary life of St. Martin de Porres. Our values - Integrity & Perseverance, Engagement & Growth, Compassion & Connection, Generosity & Service - weave through every aspect of our community. They serve as a compass, ensuring that our focus is always on the holistic wellbeing of every young person who walks through our doors.

Through the pillar of Faith, we foster a sense of purpose and spiritual growth, allowing young people to find strength in their beliefs in something greater than themselves. Learning, as a pillar, represents our commitment to providing a rich and engaging educational experience that not only ignites a lifelong love for learning but also nurtures emotional and social wellbeing. Kinship, the third pillar, emphasises the importance of meaningful relationships and belonging, creating a supportive environment where every young person feels valued and connected.

Justice, as our fourth pillar, instils a sense of responsibility for the world around us. We encourage young people to be active participants in creating a more just and compassionate society. These pillars, intertwined with our core values, serve as the cornerstone for our emphasis on wellbeing. They provide the framework for developing resilient, confident, and compassionate individuals who are equipped to navigate life's challenges and contribute positively to the world.

Pillars – Faith, Learning, Kinship & Justice

Values – Integrity & Perseverance, Engagement & Growth, Compassion & Connection, Generosity & Service


FInal SMdPS 4 Pillars n 8 Values - slanted