STMDP-logo-lg STMDP-Circle

Circle shape

Symbolises inclusivity, totality, wholeness and unity.


Digging sticks

The digging Stick Cross is positioned at the centre of the St Martin de Porres School logo to reflect a Christ-centred, Catholic school. They represent the concept of digging deep and working hard.


The Dragonfly

The Broome dragonfly seen at the end of the wet season, symbolises the strength and transformation to be experienced by students and staff of the St Martin de Porres School community.


Water Holes

Nulungu is the name of the waterhole situated on the Roebuck Plains east of Broome that has cultural significance for the Yawuru people who are the traditional custodians of this area. Water holes were meeting places where Aboriginal people rested and were nourished by water.



The pearls honour the people of the original St Martin de Porres Church at Morgan’s Camp. The church opened in 1965. Morgan’s Camp was the site of early pearling and crew camps, in particular those of pearlers Kennedy, Norman and Goldie. St Martin de Porres Church was a church-of-ease for the people from Beagle Bay, Lombadina and La Grange.

The pearls also reflect the preciousness of the St Martin de Porres School students.